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Gallery Folders

Playing tag by Red-IzaK
Quetzalcoatl Dreamcatcher View I by TheRedMeadows
Genies by MihaiRadu
Corruption Succubus by MihaiRadu
Dragon Head by DarkLestat
Golden Horn (optional) by MilicaClk
Golden Horn by MilicaClk
Ball-jointed dragon - yellow, orange, green, blue by dallia-art
Birds and Griffins
Summer Skies by silvermoonnw
Heart by Red-IzaK
Bone Cruncher by FelonDog
In the Valley of Boiled Water... by MirielVinya
Unicorns and Equines
LIKE-A-FAIRY-TALE by duskbeguile
Drifter by moondragonwings
Lavender Kirin by soulofwinter
C: Stellyce II by impassioned-dreams
Paws and Claws
Indian Yali Statue by KinMojo
Total War: Warhammer Concept Art Manticore sketch by telthona
Manticore by ceallach-monster
Cat-Bajun by Ink-Yami
Rare Reptiles
Kappa under a leaf by broom-rider
Commission - Hydra by Surk3
174 Ansh-Shaan - Fire Naga by krigg
Kappa-Manners by Ito-Saith-Webb
Aquatic Beasts
Akhlut by KatePfeilschiefter
Little Hero: Takoyaki for One by childheroes
Into The Deep by Sicarius8
the hippocampus by Animal75Artist
Chimerical Beasts
Chimera by Azureith
Cockatrice by Nigromaggot
Manticore by JNickBlack
Commission - The Lord of Manticores by jocarra
Half-Human Half-Animal
Allocer by DarkLestat
Ocean Harpy Queen by GutsBerserk
Satyr at dusk by bobgreyvenstein
MONKEY KING Sun Wukong by Grafik
Strange Humanoids
... by Killoer

Mature Content

Army of the Dead Commission by TheDragonofDoom
Feya by mks8
Catharsis Cathedral- Concept Shot w/ Gargoyle by khalfrodod
Salivating Gremlins by christopherburdett
Lou Carcohl by DarkLestat
Chupacabra Corpse by pyro-helfier
The Mothman by TheDragonofDoom
Phoenix fight Hydra Dragon by ClairMatin
The Dragon and the Phoenix by Morigalaxy
Pagan Elements by samflegal
Sky and Sea by Meoon




Group Info


PLEASE submit art to the correct folder. Your art may be declined if it is not. An outline of the different folders is provided below. Relax; some categories are flexible.

Quality control: We are an elitist group. This does not mean that you have to be a professional artist for your art to be accepted. Other art may be accepted if it is thoroughly complete, well-presented, has a background, and you clearly put in serious time and effort. No sketch dumps, scraps, quick doodles, WIP’s, line art, or bad photos. Gallery-style art only; no comics, adoptables, tutorials, character sheets, etc. Do not submit multiple versions of the same piece. Art that does not meet our quality standards will be declined.

What counts as a mythical creature? All creatures must come from the Mythology of a real culture. Please do not submit creatures that you invented. Not all mythical beings are "creatures." Gods do not count unless they have shapeshifted into a creature. No robots, aliens, anthro/furry, or dinosaurs. No creatures from commercial franchises (i.e. Pokemon, etc.) All creatures must look different from normal animals or humans. Brownie points for under-represented mythologies, such as Native American, African, Southeast Asian, etc.

Group integrity: Use common sense. Do not steal other people’s art, berate other artists, submit porn, post anything racist or offensive, or do anything else that is stupid like that.


Featured – Admins’ select favorites. Members cannot upload art into this folder.

Dragons – European dragons and Asian dragons.

Birds and Griffins – Any mythical bird (phoenix, roc, thunderbird, etc.), as well as griffins, and other creatures that are predominantly birdlike.

Unicorns and Equines – Unicorns and related creatures (kirin, karkadan, etc.), as well as other mythical equines (Pegasus, Sleipnir, etc.) Centaurs go into a different folder.

Paws and Claws – Cerberus, sphinxes, Foo dogs, kitsunes; other canine, feline, and carnivorous mammals.

Rare Reptiles – Mythical serpents, lizards, turtles, and any non-dragon reptile.

Aquatic Beasts – All sea and lake monsters, including sea serpents, krakens, and other water creatures.

Chimerical Beasts – Beasts that are composites of several animals, including the Greek chimera, Ammut, the questing beast, etc.

Half-Human Half-Animal – Centaurs, satyrs, minotaurs, nagas, werewolves, and other human-animal composites.

Strange Humanoids – Mythical beings that are human-shaped but are visibly different from humans. Includes ogres, trolls, gremlins, most faeries, some vampires, certain demons, etc.

Miscellaneous – All other mythical creatures that do not automatically fit into the above folders.

Multiple - Scenes depicting mythical creatures of more than one type.
Dear new (and old) members,

I recently declined a lot of art submissions to this group, mostly from new members who probably haven't read the rules.  I sent out a bunch of messages explaining why, and then those messages got deleted when I switched administration from my other DA account to this one (oops).

In short, there are two reason why I declined people's art:

1.  Creatures were not from actual mythology.  In order to be accepted in this group, all art must depict a creature that comes from the mythology of an actual culture.  It cannot be a species that you or a commissioner invented.

2.  Art did not meet our completion standards.  This is an elitist group, and all art submissions must be detailed and thoroughly complete.  We do not accept uncolored line art.  With rare exception, we almost always need some semblance of a background in the picture.  Professional quality is preferred, but other art will be accepted as long as it is detailed, colored, and has a good background.

If you drew a "real" mythical creature, such as a sphinx, griffin, or manticore, and I rejected it, then just add a background, and color it if it isn't colored, and then resubmit it.  :)

I am sorry for the missing messages, but I hope this clears everything up.  Thank you all for being a part of this group!

- SkyJaguar
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